EAG2 collaborative adaptive gripper

품목 번호: RBTX-EFCT-0001

EAG is an electric 2-finger adaptive gripper that is equipped with two symmetrically articulated fingers.

Usual delivery time: 3 weeks

Recommended workpiece weight

신제품 하이라이트



  • Slim body with one installation positions

  • Grip control: force and position adjustment

  • Quick open/close time with speed adjustment

  • Grip feedback and part detection: gripper status can be read at the PLC/Controller and visualized on the unit via LED’s

  • Plug and play: mechanical and software interface for major cobot manufacturers

  • Multiple communication modes: the gripper supports Modbus RTU protocol and IO mode control. Other protocols such as USB and ETHERNET can be implemented through a protocol converter.

  • Grip actuation via embedded controller.

  • Brake locking mechanism.


Gripper Software

The free software is included in the scope of delivery.

The software can be used to move to up to 4 positions via digital IOs.

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