Leverage Robotics Tool Cube assembly set

품목 번호: RBTX-LEV-0001

The Leverage Robotics ToolCubes are automatic exchangeable robot tools to perform multiple tasks on one robot. They expand the possibilities of a simple two-finger gripper by a multitude of options like vacuum gripping, centered gripping of round objects, or magnetic gripping of ferro magnetic objects and still keeping the capabilities of the parallel gripper.

They can be used with a standard robot gripper and are purely passive: a voltage supply or vacuum generation etc. is not necessary. Only the existing gripper jaws have to be exchanged for the enclosed gripper jaws.

The tools can be placed and used anywhere in the work area, thus avoiding unnecessary long travel distances and reducing cycle times. The ToolCubes use minimize set-up times and significantly increase the flexibility of the robot system.

Usual delivery time: 3 weeks

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Scope of delivery

  • 1x pair of fingertips

  • 1x Single Vacuum Gripper

  • 1x LR-UR Cap Base

  • 1x Xtender Gripper

  • 1x Center Gripper

  • 3x TC-Holder

center ring lr.png

Innovative functionality

The Center Gripper enables precise gripping of components, while the Vaccum Gripper supports the removal of boxes and the movement of new elements. The ToolCubes are automatically interchangeable robotic tools that extend the application possibilities of the two-finger gripper. They are user-friendly and require no additional power supply or vacuum generation. The use of ToolCubes minimizes travel distances, shortens processing times and increases the adaptability of the robot arm.

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