Universal syringe dosing system LOCTITE 98666

품목 번호: RBTX-PL-0001

The LOCTITE Universal Syringe Dispensing System is used for precise dispensing of adhesives or other liquids. Typical applications include assembling electrical components, fixing wires, touching up circuit boards and securing threaded connections. The unit is suitable for dispensing medium viscosity to paste adhesives and sealants from 10ml, 30ml and 55ml syringes/cartridges.

Usual delivery time: 3 weeks

152 x 165 x 178

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The LOCTITE 883976 Digital Syringe Dispensing System is a semi-automatic dispensing system for adhesives and fluids in 3,5,10,30,55 ml syringes and 300ml cartridges. The unit has a digital timing control that regulates to three decimal places. This provides much better accuracy than typical pressure timing systems. When used with an air line adapter connected to the cartridge cylinder, the adjustable pressure regulator provides controlled dispensing volume by delivering regulated pulses of compressed air. The unit can be operated in manual, incremental, or timed modes and is suitable for dispensing dots and beads or filling syringes.

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Technical Data

  • Power supply: 24 VDC

  • Compressed air input: max. 7bar (100 PSI)

  • Compressed air output: max. 7bar (100 PSI)

  • Time range: 0,02 - 60,00s

  • Operating modes: manual, incremental or time controlled

  • Scope of delivery:

    • 98666 Universal spray dosing system

    • Foot switch

    • Syringe holder

    • Universal power cable with adapter

    • 10ml and 30ml air line adapter

    • Locking pin for stacking two units

    • Air line adapter

    • Dosing needle set

    • Air inlet tube with gland set

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